Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most frequently asked questions !

Where can I find a luggage trolley?

Luggage trolleys can be found in front of the airport next to the departure hall.

 What services are available to people with disabilities and reduced mobility?

For more information on services available to people with reduced mobility please refer to the following section :


What are the rules and regulations concerning liquids in hand baggage?

You are allowed to carry liquids up to 100 ml each. For more information on transportation rules of these please refer to the section ‘administrative formalities’

Administrative procedures

Am I allowed to carry food in my hand luggage? (Corsican cheeses, Brocciu, cured meats, jams…)

For more information on permitted items in hand baggage please refer to the section ‘administrative formalities’:

Administrative procedures

I am travelling with my child. Am I allowed to take a pushchair up to the aircraft?

It depends on the size of your pushchair:

  • If the pushchair is accepted at the security checkpoint you can take it up to the aircraft.
  • All other pushchairs must be dropped off at the ‘oversized baggage’ counter.

Please ask for more information at the check-in desk.

Administrative procedures

I am travelling with my dog. Can I take it in the cabin with me?

Each airline has its own rules relative to pet policies. Please contact the website site of your airline to find its policies regarding pets.

Which travel documents should I bring?

You must provide a valid ID card or passport. Please visit the websites of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or your airline for more information

I have lost something. Who should I contact?

If you have lost or forgotten an item in the departure lounge please contact the information desk of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haute Corse or call +33 4 95 54 54 54

If you have lost or forgotten an item on the airplane please contact your airline company.

The airline has lost or damaged my luggage. What should I do?

If your luggage has been damaged or lost, please contact the airline, or the ground handling services of your airline, or the tour operator that organised your trip.

Lost and damaged luggage

What are the rules and regulations if travelling with pets?

Each airline has its own rules. Please contact the airline you travelled with regarding its pet policies.

What services are available at the airport?

For more information on the services available at the airport please refer to the section « Access and services » , « practical information ».

Practical information

What can I buy in the departure lounge?

In the departure lounge, are the following:

  • Corsica Duty Free: perfume shop, gifts ….
  • A Stalla: Corsican food shop
  • Bar Mane: fast food restaurant

Can I take medication in my hand luggage?

Medication in liquid or paste form are allowed on board if you can provide a prescription, or if it contains less than 100 ml. Medication in solid forms are permitted on board without a prescription.

Administrative procedure

What are the airport’s opening hours?

The airport is open from the first to the last flight.

Can I charge my cellphone at the airport?

You can find power ports or plugs at the airport and in the departure lounge.

Is there Internet access at the airport?

There is wireless Internet access throughout the airport. To get online, please follow the access instructions.

Are there places to store baggage at the airport?

No. There is no baggage storage at the airport.