People with reduced mobility

Bastia Poretta airport is currently working on improvements to its services for people with reduced mobility.


Bastia Poretta airport is currently working on improvements to its services for people with reduced mobility. Outdoor infrastructure is available in the commercial car parks: Two call posts were set up near the 7 parking spaces reserved for those with reduced mobility and disabilities in the commercial parking area, which allows them to call on a service provider. One call post is set up at the official parking next to parking space reserved for ambulances and Access-a-ride vehicles. The service provider can pick up the passenger at the call post.

Inside the airport, the information desk is equipped with a low counter to welcome people with reduced mobility.  One can also find a call post at the information desk to contact a service provider. There are disabled toilets in the departure area next to the first aid service; disabled people can also use the public toilets situated in the central area.

An assistant will meet you at the check-in desk and accompany you to the aircraft. Depending on the extent of assistance required, airlines provide reduced mobility passengers with the following equipment: wheelchair, ‘Help’ (lift vehicle) , golf carts…


Assistance to move from the check-in counter to designated points within the airport terminal :

  • Assistance with personal and baggage check-in process;
  • Assistance from the check-in counter to the aircraft, with completion of emigration, customs and security screening.
  • Assistance to the gate.
  • Assistance to embark and disembark the aircraft, (to and from your seat on the plane if needed).
  • Assistance to retrieve baggage, with immigration and customs procedures.
  • Assistance to move from the baggage hall to a designated arrival area within the airport terminal building
  • Assistance to go to the toilet.

People with reduced mobility can travel with their own wheelchair (including electric wheelchairs) or any other equipment to move to the aircraft.


When booking a flight, it is important to indicate the nature and the degree of your disability. Specify the type of the wheelchair (manual or electric) if needed.

Provide the travel agency with the international code that corresponds to the extent of required assistance, according to the international classification:

  • WCHR. The passenger can ascend/descend steps and make your own way to/from the cabin seat but requires a wheelchair for distance to/from aircraft, i.e. across ramp, gate or to mobile lounge as appropriate.
  • WCHS. Passenger cannot ascend/descend steps, but can make their own way to/from cabin seat; requires wheelchair for distance to/from aircraft or mobile lounge and must be carried up/down steps.
  • WCHC. Passenger totally immobile; requires wheelchair to/from aircraft/mobile lounge and must be carried up/down steps and to/from cabin seat.


It is necessary to arrive at the airport at least 1h30 before departure .

Please contact your airline for more information.